I work with physical and virtual materials to travel between online and offline processes. I re-present the 2D in 3D and vice versa to extract something that I know exists in an abstract sculptural form; recently including: the sound in an anechoic chamber; the crystallisation of tears, and the movement in a murmuration. I am currently working with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology, exploring a physical translation of light and form and the viewers perspective.


Collaboration with artists, musicians, architects, and medical researchers creates a new landscape in which the online and offline can be straddled. Decisions are challenged, assumptions exposed and the digital permeable layer that exists between the two, is pushed to its limits in a process of thinking through materials. This co-art begins with a shared experience or thirst for knowledge; we consider our joint experience of pure sound in the anechoic chamber, as opposed to the reverberations and reflections in our daily environment. How can this manifest and translate visually to communicate our individual perception of the world around us?