I work with physical and virtual materials. Perspex, resin, light, film and Virtual Reality mediums such as Tilt Brush; In which, painting and sculpting are transformed into 3D, without material constraints. I find that journeying between the digital and offline world pushes the boundaries of my subject to the extreme, driving the research down unexpected routes. The movement of the artist is physically captured by the digital process as my eye sees only the digital landscape in the headset. I become a cyborg, straddled between two worlds creating an unexpected outcome that resonates with the viewer’s subconscious.


My work is intuition verses fact, driven by my own thirst for knowledge and desire to uncover an abstraction of what we believe is reality. I often work with scientific imagery. In my exhibition piece Signs of Life, time is captured and distilled in twisted masonry and wrapped in Perspex etched grids, to demonstrate its warping as in a scientific diagram. Light is used to complete an immersive environment, encompassing the viewer and questioning the fragility of life.


I have investigated: the visualisation of the human perception of sound in an anechoic chamber, what unites humanity with the crystallisation of tears, the fragility of life amongst the violence of the ruins of a home and the movement in a murmuration, demonstrating the ebb and flow of energy and information as it morphs into different shapes in the sky.


Cross disciplinary collaboration with other artists and scientists plays a major part in my work. Where do our influences begin and end? A conversation or a shared experience can spark a journey through unknown territory. Challenging assumptions and testing our abilities, work passes between the two and a visual conversation explodes, this drives ideas forward, creates a thirst for new knowledge and a genesis. The synergy in creating  is addictive and in the early stages, the results unimaginable.