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The Murmuration (Maquette) Dichroic Perspex mounted on wood with light source 1m x 1m 2020
Work in Progress 


The Murmuration is a WIP Commission for Smart DCC and will be on permanent display in their new offices in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

The idea came from studying the acrobatic and mesmerising shape shifting of a starling murmuration and forms a perfect metaphor for the constant expansion and contraction of the energy requirements of the UK.

Smart DCC manage the information from the smart meters in our homes, a crucial role in the management and security of our energy.


The piece is wall mounted and contains pieces of Dichroic Perspex, carefully positioned to respond to light which is strategically managed by a computer within the frame. The work is made by the light. It creates not only the movement but the abstract forms and shapes as they twist and bend, concentrate and disperse.   

The starlings are signposting a route, each communicating with several local neighbours in this extravagant display. It is intended as a reference to the way forward for us as a society as we work together to refine the data collection of energy use to conserve and utilise resources




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