Acqua Alta 


            Acqua Alta 2020 Screenprint made with photogram






A Print Project in Response to the 2019 Flooding in Venice, exhibited Alongside The Superlative Artistry of Japan Exhibition.

I visited the beautiful city of Venice during the Acqua Alta 2019 when tides rose disrupting the lives of all living in and visiting the city to see the Biennale. As an artist the experience was profound, torn between my desire to appreciate art at this prestigious event and the unprecedented destruction happening in front of our eyes to priceless art, architecture and lives of the Venetians, I collected a bottle of water from a tidal surge as it reached the steps of my hotel. 

Our brief, as art students at Salford University was to respond to the work of an artist in a visiting exhibition to Salford Museum and Art Gallery. I chose Takahiro Iwasaki who's work responds to the effects of devastating events such as in his native Hiroshima, with delicate structures made from every day materials. The artist uses materials such as his own hair and thread from clothes. I marvel at the intricate method of making work that is so explosive in meaning.  


My subject was that of the Acqua Alta and its devastating effects, my medium was the bottle of water which I photographed with a photogram, a camerless method using only light. This was taken to screen print and tested in numerous colour combinations. I wanted the viewer to feel the impact and urgency of the situation, as I had done first hand. 

Further details on this project can be seen at A Print in response to The Superlative Artistry of Japan Exhibition