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Equinox, 20 layers of Perspex 42.5 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm    

National Outdoor Centre Snowdonia 2020

As Artist in Residence with Plas y Brenin, North Wales, The National Outdoor Centre in Snowdonia. I had been inspired by one of the most radical social movements which had taken place in 60's and 70's, The Artists Placement Group.  I researched the Centre's immediate environment and its local history investigating the human relationship with the outdoors, resulting in a large body of material, including photographs, drawings and prints. The final piece entitled Equinox is a sculpture in Perspex recreating the visual record of a female rock climber’s local climb, her movements embodied in muscle memory, repeated fluidly and with precision. The work features permanently in the Centre's new climbing wall viewing area and is described as: 

     "a piece we feel many climbers could really relate to; the muscle memory of practicing their favourite routes over and over again,

       and the special relationship of trust between the climber and the

       belayer (a powerful metaphor we feel, for wider life)"

Georgia Coleman PYB

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