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            7 Stories Triptych Mono Print on Blotting Paper,

           Chin Collé and Acrylic Paint. 54cm x 75cm

            The Autism and Criminal Justice System Salford 2020

Three prints from a series developed for the meeting room at the Autism & Criminal Justice System, Salford. This work will be seen by staff, students, academics, police, solicitors, and individuals in the CJ system. It was initially a challenging subject because of the diverse range of viewers who used the room. The outcome has enabled the work to speak to any visitor as they create their own stories within its narrative.

The work is inspired by the concept of seven basic plots from the book of the same name by Christopher Booker. Influenced by Carl Jung's analysis of storytelling and its meaning.  Images are drawn from metaphors for each story. The materials used are inspired by 'Arte Povera' - templates from architectural model negatives and old blotting papers from past printers form the basis of the images and carry their own stories.

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