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Relic Planet Sounds is an ongoing collaboration in VR with Musician Holly Phelps exploring sound in the Anthropocene. Supported by No Such Thing Record Label. 


A relic of the earth existing in the visceral effects of the earths hum, sound and music by Holly Phelps (IORA).

SOUND ON - double click to watch on YouTube


There is a light is a short film made in Virtual Reality using Tilt Brush and pre -recorded sounds of solar flares on the sun's solar flares, distributed for public use by NASA.  

 Put simply, the sun is responsible for the organic matter which became our coal and gas, without it we would not exist . This is presented as the narrative in the work, a simple statement of colour, light, organic matter, sunshine and darkness, a journey for the viewer to experience viscerally.

The viewer travels through a sun suspended on a pylon.


Images 2021-2022 Work in progress various projects